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Meet the RF8 treatment – your new beauty best friend

When we first experienced the RF8 treatment we knew that we just had to make it available to our Tunbridge Wells clients. This high-tech beauty treatment is a revolutionary one-stop shop for lifting, tightening and toning your face and body. So, whether it’s your bingo wings, your belly, your bum or your face which needs a little extra help, the RF8 is your go-to treatment.

The science bit

Firstly, here’s a crash course in the technology which powers the super-charged RF8. The device combines radio frequency, this is the RF bit of the ‘RF8’, with vacuum suction and Chromatherapy (LED lighting) to help tighten muscles, strengthen collagen and regenerate skin cells. In short, this treatment will improve the appearance, texture and pigmentation of your skin and leave you with the tighter, firmer skin that you always dreamed of.

How the RF8 can help you

The RF8 is perfect for those stubborn areas where it seems no matter how many biceps curls you do or face creams you use the skin still seems loose. Here at Beauté, we have four specialist courses designed to banish your body and face woes.

  • The Buddha Belly – Whatever you call your tummy, this beauty treatment can tackle this tough area which we can never seem to eradicate ourselves. Through its clever suction and LED technology, the RF8 can reduce fat deposits and leave skin tighter.

  • Orange Peel Thighs and Bum – All of us can be self-conscious about our cellulite, especially when bikini season is just around the corner. But there’s no need to feel that way any more. With the RF8 you can say goodbye to dimpled thighs and say hello to confidence as the device’s unique technology increases blood flow and stimulates cells.

  • Bingo Wings – The bingo wings treatment is exactly what it says. If you’re struggling with toning up your arms, then the RF8 can do some of the arm work for you by firming loose skin and promoting skin elasticity.

  • Facial – If your biggest concern is tightening and firming the contours of your face and neck, then the RF8 massages skin to leave you with firmer, plumper and younger-looking skin.


To get the most out of the RF8, we recommend a course of eight treatments to truly tackle those tricky areas. Have one treatment a week and watch your skin change – for the better. If you want to know more about the RF8 or secure your own better-looking skin, then pop into Beauté to ensure you’re skin ready for Summer 2019.

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