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Beauty gifts for every type of friend this Christmas


Christmas is a magical time, full of joy and cheer – and stress and complicated logistics! Make life that little bit easier for yourself with our carefully chosen range of beauty gifts for every taste, need and pocket.


Every mother is different, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they work tirelessly for us. Christmas can become particularly stressful for them; after all, they’re the powerhouse who makes sure everything comes together on the big day! If there’s one thing any mum is likely to welcome either before or after Christmas it’s the chance to relax – she’ll certainly deserve it. We offer a range massages that will help revitalise her in preparation for 2020. 


When life gets busy, it can become hard to find time to sit down with our families and enjoy their company. These days, there are lots of things that can make our daughters feel stressed, and sometimes we forget to teach them how to relax. How about you pamper her with a little bit of quality time together? We have a number of treatments that you can enjoy simultaneously; from manicures to pedicures and everything in between.

The friend who has everything

The glammiest of all your gal pals; she’s probably invited to every big event this season and no doubt she’ll look fabulous at all of them. She can be a tricky one to buy for, though, as it’s hard to imagine she’d want for anything.  We all know the toll that the party season can take on our bodies, though  – hey, none of us are teenagers anymore – and even the best of socialites need an evening off. Arbonne has a great range of detoxifying lotions and bath soaks that I think will really help her to unwind after a big night out.

The low-maintenance friend

This is the friend who rocks up a minimum of ten minutes late to every event and always finds a way to look effortlessly cool. This is the friend whose catchphrase is probably something like “sorry I’m late” or “This? Oh, I just threw it on….”. You don’t know how she does it, but somehow she wears her nonchalance on her sleeve and looks amazing doing it. Help her out out this Christmas with one of Arbonne’s Ready in Five makeup sets.

The working man

Who says we girls get to have all the fun? Many people don’t realise, but a small change in a man’s grooming habits can go a long way – just watch an episode of Queer Eye! If the man in your life is new to looking after his skin, we offer an educational facial, where we can help point these poor lost souls in the right direction and set them up with some useful information they can take away. And of course we offer relaxing massages, too.

Finally, whoever you’re buying for this Christmas, make sure to also take time  yourself to relax and recuperate. Enjoy yourself!

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