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Time for your Full Body MOT!


When I was at primary school I loved boys and adored playing “kiss-chase” at break time. One day I unfortunately tripped over my laces and managed to skid across the gravelly playground on my face! My mum was mortified especially when, even though I was fully healed, a wart had started to appear next to my lip and was growing! I was promptly whisked off to see a specialist who explained that the wart had formed as a result of my “kiss-hap”! He froze it off with liquid nitrogen and I now have a barely visible mark next to my mouth. I’ve often wondered if that experience is, in part, why I love a very specialised part of my job as a Beauty Therapist called Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP).

ACP covers removal or reduction of many common skin imperfections using different techniques with a small needle-like probe. However, the needle-phobic amongst you need not run off screaming in terror as the needle isn’t a big hyperdermic! The needles range in size from a tiny one the diameter of an eyelash to a slightly larger one the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen.   

The type of skin imperfections treatable range from tiny red veins on the face and body, Campbell de Morgans (blood spots), moles, milia, skintags, warts (plane, common or senile), “age spots”, cysts, verrucae ..the list goes on. Sadly, many of these used to be treatable on the NHS, but with budgets being squeezed more and more, you may find that you are unable to get free treatment, especially if it is purely cosmetic.

I have been an ACP Practitioner since 2006 and love helping people rid themselves of their irritating or sometimes disfiguring skin complaint/s. All clients require a face to face consultation and the cost for this is £25. During the consultation I will discuss a treatment plan although often only one treatment is required at a minimum cost of £57.50 (for 15 minutes) plus a small cost for homecare products. Sometimes, if I have sufficient time available, I will do the treatment there and then saving you a return visit. However, this isn’t always either possible or practical.

There is a healing period and abstinence from U.V may be required so, for this reason, I tend to recommend treatment during Autumn, Winter or Spring.

What are you waiting for? Book your ACP consultation now and have a Full Body MOT!

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