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You glow, girl!

Thankfully, fake tans have come a long way since the “biscuit” smelling, orange varieties from the 80s!

They now come in an array of textures, scents and colours; in fact, it can be hard to know where to start with the huge choice available.  Surely, it’s time to turn to the professionals!

Let’s fake it!

Not to be all doom and gloom but given that skin cancer is now one of the most common cancers in young adults in the UK, isn’t it time to fake rather than bake?

Here at Beauté, we all remember using baby oil, tanning oil, ANY oil! to achieve that “healthy” look – oh the irony!

So, we now use Fake Bake, an excellent tan that results in beautifully bronzed skin, developing in as little as 60 minutes and lasting up to 7 days, especially with the correct maintenance.

Just in time for that long-awaited wedding, party or even holiday (if anyone is lucky enough to be escaping the UK this year!).

Client feedback has been fantastic! and the “signature blend” which we offer, involves the tan being individually tailored to your skin - a huge bonus in upping that glow!

A better balance

We all know that sunshine is fantastic for giving us that vital Vitamin D boost, but we need to strike the right balance and limit our exposure.  A huge 80-90% of all skin cancer cases in the UK are caused by over-exposure to the sun and/or sunbeds.  Seems much better to fake it than risk it!

Also remember, although you feel sun-kissed and confident, fake tans do not protect against the sun – sunscreen must still be worn to limit premature ageing and cancer.


It is extremely important to remember that preparation is key!  Exfoliation and moisturisation 24 hours prior to your appointment will give the best base for your tan to be applied and, most importantly, for it to look natural and last longer.

Book your spray tan at Beauté for £29! – call us on 01892 536600 or email at

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