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It’s time to work out your work-out recovery

With the sun starting to make more of an appearance and the thought of summer on everyone’s mind, you are probably starting to think more and more about getting outside and enjoying the sunshine! You might be thinking about picking up the tennis racquet again, pulling your trainers back on to go for a run or taking the plunge into the pool. Whichever sport you settle on, make sure you’re also allowing your body to recover after physical activity. The best way to recover? An after-sports drink – and here’s why.

The importance of recovery when exercising

We all know that exercise can be tough on our bodies. We put our bodies through this intense spurt of physical activity and then we go home, put our feet up and do the same again in two-days’ time without even thinking that our bodies may need a helping hand to recover. Recovery is essential after exercise and this is where after-sport drinks come in. An after-sports shake helps you to bounce back, whether you’ve completed the London Marathon or a friendly tennis match at your local club.

How Arbonne’s after-sports drink works

Not all after-sports drinks have the same properties, but my favourite drink from Arbonne, of course, contains the amino acids, magnesium, vitamin B12 and antioxidants you need to support a healthy recovery. Here’s the science behind the Arbonne’s PhytoSport After Workout Drink. It has an ideal ratio of branched-chain amino acids, which help to alleviate all those aches and pains you can get after exercise, especially if you’re just returning to the courts after the winter season. Not only does the PhytoSport drink have amino acids, it also contains unique antioxidants derived from pomegranates. It is these magical antioxidants which help to combat the production of free radicals, which contribute to cell and protein damage. It’s the combination of these things which make the Arbonne drink perfect for exercise recovery!

Recovery anytime, anywhere

The PhytoSport sachet is a super quick and easy way to ensure your body is fighting fit for your next workout, almost as quick and easy as putting your feet up on the sofa with a glass of something cold. All you need to do is mix the sachet into water and there you have it – a nutrient-rich post-workout recovery drink which aids muscle repair and helps to alleviate soreness.

Unlike some of the other products on the market, the Arbonne PhytoSport After Workout drink doesn’t come in a large 74-litre container with a jug which you then funnel into a small glass; instead it lives within small sachet sticks. They look much like a sachet of sugar, which you can take with you anywhere you work-out! This means if you have water and your PhytoSport sachet with you, you can have support your body’s recovery anywhere, anytime!

How to support your workout from start to finish

If you’re searching for a complete system to help your body prepare, endure and recover from exercise, then search no more. Arbonne provides a full range of workout products which are also approved and certified by the Sports Association. We have the Arbonne PhytoSport Prepare & Endure supplement, which helps to prepare your body and helps to maintain endurance and energy – essential to support peak physical performance. There is also the Complete Hydration product, which delivers a blend of six key electrolytes to maintain optimal hydration before, during and after exercise.

Supporting your exercise with the complete Arbonne sports range enables you to get the most out of all stages of your fitness regime, which can help improve your performance. The Phytosport products can be purchased as a complete range, meaning you are prepped, primed and fully recovered no matter what challenge you tackle.

The Arbonne PhytoSport After Workout Drink has revolutionised my workout recovery – why not revolutionise yours? You can see the whole range of products through my website .  If you would like to learn more about any of the products or Arbonne, then feel free to pop into Beauté and find out what Arbonne could do for you. 


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