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All it takes is 8 treatments to help banish your bingo wings

The RF8 is our revolutionary new treatment which will become your beauty best friend. It helps to lift, firm and tighten the skin on those tricky areas which are notorious to tackle, such as the tummy, bum, thighs and bingo wings. Our upper arms are infamous for being stubborn areas of skin; no matter how many times you lift weights, go swimming or do exercise, it never seems to tone up. Bingo wings can be source of frustration and insecurity, especially  if you want to shed your cover up this summer. If this sounds like you, then here is how the RF8 can help.


What is the RF8?


The RF8 is a three-in-one system that produces gentle heat which contracts muscle fibres and produces more collagen to promote skin elasticity. The clever vacuum suction drains toxins away from the skin and aids the breaking down of hard fats, meaning your skin will be smoother and firmer. It is this unique combination of vacuum suction and radio frequency which means the RF8 is fully equipped to help tackle your bingo wings.


Why the RF8 is your bingo wings worst enemy


The pressure generated by the RF8 means it can tackle the fatty cells which keep our upper arms flabby. It penetrates below the skin into a tissue called the hypodermis which stores all your loose fibres and fat enabling it to help banish your bingo wings where other methods, such as exercise, may fail. The RF8 hastens the removal of fatty cells and helps to increase collagen, so while it tackles the fat depositories it also aids the elasticity of the upper arm, meaning your skin will appear tighter and firmer.


What our clients say


For all of our RF8 courses we recommend eight sessions to get the most out of the cutting-edge technology and really see an improvement in the skin. But this doesn’t mean to say you can’t notice a difference after just one treatment! One of our Beauté regulars, Anna, recently tried the RF8 Bingo Wings treatment after struggling to tackle her upper arms with exercise. Anna explained that ‘despite seeing a Personal Trainer two to three times a week, I could never quite tone up the upper arm area’.


Anna goes on to say, ‘I noticed a difference after just one treatment with the RF8, so decided to see what would happen if I completed the recommended eight and I'm so pleased I did!’. Anna has found that her upper arm area appears firmer and tighter and says she has ‘noticed such an improvement and is really, really pleased with the results’. The RF8 has a range of properties which means it is fabulous at tackling areas lacking definition and Anna’s upper arms are no exception.


The RF8 three-in-one system of high-spec technology combined with real-life beauty results means it is a firm favourite of both clients and our Beauté beauty professionals. With summer coming, your mind may be mulling over the possibility of another holiday under a cover-up, but with the RF8 you don’t have to hide under a cardigan. All it takes is eight sessions over eight weeks to see visible improvements in your upper arm area, just like Anna did! What are you waiting for?



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