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It just takes 30 minutes in Beauté to achieve velvety soft, summer skin

Are you going to be getting a tan this summer? Whether that means popping into Beauté for our Tiamo spray tan or heading outside to catch some sun rays there is one fabulous way to ensure your skin is tan ready – it’s called The Velvet Skin Body Treatment.

What is The Velvet Skin Body Treatment?


This blissfully beautifying treatment combines an exfoliating scrub to buff away dead skin with a rich finishing cream to moisturise your newly softened skin. One of our Beauté experts will ensure your skin is polished and pampered, perfect for making your summer tan last.  The treatment uses luxury Katherine Daniels products to create a bespoke experience which will leave your skin – and you – feeling radiant, fresh and, most importantly, velvety soft.


Why is The Velvet Skin Body Treatment so good for a tan?


A simple tip to remember when tanning, whether that be if you’re lying on a beach in Bermuda or enjoying a Tiamo twenty-minute tanning treatment, is if your skin is exfoliated and moisturised your tan will look better and last longer – a winning combination!


The Velvet Skin Body Treatment starts with a gentle sea salt body scrub enriched with deliciously scented essential oils so your skin will be beautifully even and buffed – the perfect base to encourage a smoother and better tan. Not only this, but our Katherine Daniel’s exfoliating treatment contains plenty of anti-oxidants so your skin will be hydrated and your tan will last longer than ever before.


After experiencing our Beauté body scrub, your body will be massaged with a rich buttery body balm which contains brown seaweed osmolytes to hydrate and soften. Hydrated skin is essential for a long-lasting tan, especially when in warmer weather as your skin dries out quicker in the sun.


Things to remember about The Velvet Skin Body Treatment


If you’re thinking about our luxury exfoliating and hydrating treatment as the perfect way to start your summer skin, then here’s an important thing to note. Although The Velvet Skin Body Treatment is an ideal way to help your tan look better and last longer, you will have to leave at least 24 hours between your treatment and your tanning time.


Exfoliation can open the skins’ pores, meaning your Tiamo spray tan may appear uneven if you buff just before you step into our booth. But this effect settles down within 24 hours, so your skin is primed for your tan, whether you get it in our tanning booth or on the beach. Likewise, moisturiser can sometimes act as a barrier on your skin, so your tan might not develop as much or as quickly as it should if you have only just moisturised.  But hydrating your skin more than 24 hours beforehand will give it all the benefits ready for even, deep tanning, without the barrier action.


This treatment is a one-stop shop for all your pre-tanning needs, whether you’re sunning yourself by the pool or tanning in our spray tan booth. So let Beauté kick start your summer skin with The Velvet Skin Body Treatment.


To book your pre-tan treat go to our bookings page  here

Or call 01892 536600  to discuss more about The Velvet Skin Body Treatment and book your ticket to sun-kissed skin.    

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