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Nourishing yourself this November


This can be a tricky time of year from a health and wellbeing standpoint. There seem to be loads of pernicious bugs going round, Christmas is near enough to be something else on our ‘to-do’ list but not close enough to actually enjoy and, with the vagaries of the weather, homes can either be too hot (turn the central heating on!)  or too cold (turn it off again!). Here are a few of my ideas for keeping well in mind, body and spirit as the nights draw in.

Energising drinks and a little treat…

Yes, I know I sell them, but hand on heart, I swear by Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks as a kickstart to my day. They come in fruity flavours (Citrus, and my favourite Pomegranate) and, as their name suggests, fizz up when you mix them with water. Each one contains antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium, which is said to increase metabolism, and I find they really do boost my energy levels. Alternatively, a snack of apple slices dipped in almond butter helps keep me going throughout the day. And if I need an additional energy boost? It’s a couple of squares (or more – well, all that massage keeps me busy!) of 70% dark chocolate for me – low on sugar, high on flavour and rich in natural antioxidants.

Soothe your senses

It’s never just about how we look, is it? It’s about how we feel – and what we feel. I find this is a time when texture is especially important to me – I want to feel snuggly! Whether I’m wrapped up in a soft wool jumper or slipping into my PJs at the end of the day, I want natural fibres and soft textures against my skin. It’s important to feel cocooned at times – that’s why we always wrap our clients up in cosy fleece blankets or a duvet during a facial or massage post-treatment. I know, too, that delicious smells can be a real mood enhancer: Focus Blend essential oil by Arbonne is wonderfully uplifting, while lavender soothes and relaxes. Either invest in a little bottle of quality product to use in a diffuser or as a fragrant alternative treat yourself to a scented candle. We stock a range in Beauté by Gatehouse Candles, which we chose because they are made of natural products and smell great – my favourite is Oakleaf at this time of year.

November is the gateway to winter, so look after yourself by indulging all your senses to keep energised and healthy.

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