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The nutrition and beauty secret I’m super keen to share with you

20 Mar 2019

Have you ever tried something so good you just had to share it with everyone you know? You know when you’ve seen a film and then rave to your friends about how they need to book up and go? Or when you eat in an amazing bistro and log onto TripAdvisor to tell the world about the prawn tagliatelle? Well this is something I am super keen to share with all of you, and it stems from the lowest point of my life.

Meet the RF8 treatment – your new beauty best friend

13 Mar 2019

When we first experienced the RF8 treatment we knew that we just had to make it available to our Tunbridge Wells clients. This high-tech beauty treatment is a revolutionary one-stop shop for lifting, tightening and toning your face and body. So, whether it’s your bingo wings, your belly, your bum or your face which needs a little extra help, the RF8 is your go-to treatment. 

The perfect way to show your mum how much she means

06 Mar 2019

Let’s face it, your mum probably deserves the world and not another bouquet of flowers. With Mother’s Day fast approaching – the 31st of March (pop it on the calendar now) may be thinking ‘What can I get?’ Well, good news! Beauté can provide you with the most fabulous present to make your mum feel the most treasured mother in the world.

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