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Your beach body starts now

We see it everywhere – ‘Get beach body ready’ and each year we vow that this is the summer where everything will be toned, firm and tightened. But sometimes it can be hard to realise that vision when it comes to those stubborn areas like your tummy, thighs, bum and bingo wings. It is these tough areas which our specialised RF8 treatments can specifically target to help you achieve that summer body you have been longing for.

How it works

The RF8 has a lot of science which underpins its amazing results. It is a combination of Chromatherapy, radio frequency and vacuum suction which means the RF8 can help tackle pockets of cellulite and loose skin which can plague the tummy, thighs, bum and arms. Essentially, the RF8 produces heat through radio frequency. It is this heat which generates collagen to help restructure and tighten skin. The complex science behind the RF8 means it is a revolutionary treatment which can help you achieve your beach body.

As we come closer to summer it is often these problem zones which we think about first. It is our tummy which stops us from slipping into a bikini or our bingo wings which prevent us from ditching the cardigan as the weather heats up. Now, with the RF8, you no longer have to hide under a kaftan because for most people it only takes eight sessions to take your bum from bumpy to beach ready, and your thighs from cellulite to tight.

Our RF8 treatments

Here at Beauté we have created three bespoke treatments to help target those tricky areas.

  • Orange Peel Bum & Thighs – this treatment is designed to tackle stubborn fat deposits, commonly known as cellulite. The RF8 increases blood flow and promotes elasticity, meaning it can help reduce the appearance of bumps and dips in our skin.
  • Buddha Belly – The RF8 can tackle your muffin top and any other problem areas using its clever vacuum technology.
  • Bingo Wings – Notoriously difficult to get rid of, bingo wings are often a problem for many, but with the RF8 you can shed your worries and your cardigan as the heat generated by the radio frequency encourages improved skin elasticity.

Timing your beach body

We recommend eight RF8 sessions to really achieve tighter, firmer and lifted skin and that is why Spring is the perfect time to begin your RF8 journey. You can have one session per week, which means within eight weeks you’ll feel beach body ready – just in time for the summer!

If you want to feel confident on the beach this summer, then call Beauté or pop in to discuss how we can kickstart your journey to a bikini using our amazing RF8 technology.

To book your summer body go to our bookings page

Or call 01892 536600 to book a RF8 course or to discuss why the RF8 can help you this Spring.    
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