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The 20-minute trick to sun-kissed skin

This week for the first time since last September I didn’t bring a coat to work with me, an umbrella – yes, those April showers are unpredictable – but not a coat. Have you started to ditch your winter clothes for something a bit lighter? Maybe you’ve jettisoned the jumpers for t-shirts or the trousers for skirts? It is as the weather starts warming up that you begin to realise just how pale you are. But don’t fear if the winter has left your skin a bit pale and pasty, because Beauté are here to help you shed the layers and face the warmer weather with confidence.  

Now, if you’re wondering how you can get sun-kissed skin before going out into the sun, then the quickest and best way is to pop into Beauté for one of our amazing Tiamo spray tans. This 20-minute treatment ensures you leave the salon with a healthy glow, whether you want to look as if you have been to Barbados rather than Beauté, or you just want to take the edge off your winter pallor.

We have a wide choice of shades to suit every individual skin tone and occasion, so whether you fancy a summer glow or a bolder colour we can provide a tanning experience which will make sure you feel like you’ve just come back from a week’s long holiday.

There are three golden rules to remember before arriving for your spray tan.

  1. Please make sure you do any hair removal the day before your tan. When you remove hair, you expose new skin cells which can be sensitive, so to avoid any possible discomfort make sure you remove hair at least 12 hours before your spray tan.
  2. Make sure you exfoliate (but again, make sure you do it the day before). When you exfoliate you remove all the dead skin cells, which means your spray tan will have a smooth base and will last longer – it’s a win-win!
  3. Try not to moisturise your body on the day of your spray tan as it might stop the tan from penetrating your skin and therefore lasting.

Whether you’re jetting off to enjoy Easter overseas or spending the break at home, a spray tan is the perfect way to get yourself feeling good for sunnier days. Think of a Tiamo spray tan as a 20-minute holiday which lasts for five to seven days.



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