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The Best New Products at Arbonne

I’m absolutely buzzing, I have just got back to Tunbridge Wells after spending the week in Vegas! I was lucky enough to go to Arbonne’s Global Training Conference; it’s a great opportunity to learn about all their new products and the science behind them. There were loads of new releases this year and I can’t wait to share every single one with you all, but for today I’m just going to be detailing my Top 3 new releases, which I believe will truly revolutionise your facial regime.

RE9 Prepwork Overnight Facial Jelly


I am particularly excited about this product, simply because of its simplicity. The lightweight formula works at recharging your skin, providing it with the vital vitamins, antioxidants and omegas it needs to replenish itself.


What is especially appealing about this product is that it gets to work overnight, all you need to do is cleanse your face and then apply the RE9 Prepwork and go to sleep and the cruelty-free jelly gets to work. This will be great for anyone who wants to enhance their skin-care routine but doesn’t have the time to take up a 15-minute regime. I used the facial jelly when I got back from Vegas; despite jetlag from the overnight red-eye flight, my skin was fabulous when I woke up in the morning.  



RE9 Advanced Prepwork Micellar Water


Micellar Water is the latest skincare must-have, with so many advantages over make-up wipes – such as being kinder to your skin, as well as the environment – so it’s no surprise it’s so popular. This is especially true for the new Arbonne formula, which has various advantages over the products already on the market.


Micelles are little groups of molecules that soften water, making it perfect for removing oils and other unwanted substances. The formula uses a 3-in-1 technique to: remove impurities, dirt and oil; refresh your face; tone and prepare your skin for the next step in your routine. Arbonne’s recipe uses a vegan superfood cocktail to optimise the benefits the product will have on your skin.


Arbonne Botaniques Coconut Body Butter


The final product that I am particularly excited by is Arbonne’s new body butter. The first thing I noticed when checking out this product was how thick it is; this thickness, combined with its Vitamin E-rich ingredients, leaves your skin feeling brilliantly hydrated. The body butter is made using sustainable shea butter, harvested under fair trade agreements, giving it both environmental and cosmetic benefits. And, like all Arbonne products, there are no nasties, meaning you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals permeating your skin.



I can’t wait to share more of the new Arbonne products with you in my subsequent blogs. I always leave Arbonne conferences feeling revitalised and excited about the innovative new products that are hitting the market, that will genuinely make a difference to my clients’ skincare, beauty and health routines.


If you want to hear any more about any of the products I have talked about today, or can’t wait until my next blog to hear about the other new products that are available, then feel free to contact me:

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