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Why hair removal treatments might be the perfect pre-holiday preparation for you

The pre-holiday prep is all part of the fun of heading abroad: tanning, facials and hair removals are all ways that can leave us feeling summer-ready and beach-confident. These are all things that Beauté  can help you with as well. We offer a range of hair removal treatments – whether you want silky smooth legs or to tidy your bikini line – which have different benefits.



Waxing is perhaps seen as the most traditional form of hair removal. At Beauté, we have two different types of waxing: hot wax and strip wax. Hot wax is spread thickly to the skin and left to dry; we then gently peel it away, alongside any hairs you’re looking to remove. Strip waxing involves a thinner layer of wax that is applied to a strip and then placed on your leg. Hot waxing can last slightly longer and is often seen to be slightly more effective, meaning that it is priced marginally higher than the strip alternative.


If you want to get a wax before your holiday then we recommend coming in a few days before you’re set to jet off, just in case your skin reddens temporarily afterwards. It’s also important not to leave it till the last minute if you’re planning on getting a spray tan as well, as you’ll want to get your wax done first because it might pull off some of your tan with it.



Blend Epilation


Blend epilation is a permanent solution to your unwanted hair problems. It costs more upfront, but with the big benefit that you won’t have to worry about hair removal for your next holiday.


It is called the ‘blend method’ as it combines two types of treatments together: short wave and Galvanic current. Short wave produces a heat, which works to catalyse the Galvanic chemical reaction, speeding up the process. It is important that you get blend epilation done by a trained specialist.


Treatment plans will vary from person to person, depending upon the texture and density of the hair you want to remove, as well as the size of the area, so be sure to head in for a consultation if this method of permanent hair removal seems like a good idea for you.



Energist VPL


Energist VPL is a form of laser hair removal and utilises the latest advance in Pulsed Light technology. The Energist VPL can target different types of hair and will usually take around six sessions to achieve the final results.


Although we do have a price list available on our website, the most accurate way to obtain a quote is by booking a consultation – free once you book a treatment –  where we can answer any questions you might have, and give a more tailored plan.


Hair removal is a great way to leave you feeling a bit more ready and confident ahead of your holiday. Whether you’re looking at a permanent solution, or just a wax to save you shaving ahead of your days on the beach, then we can help you.


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