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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

We can treat a wide range of skin blemishes effectively in the comfort of our salon. Our qualified experts provide safe and proven care to restore skin confidence, with a discreet service that fits around you. With evening and weekend appointments available, there’s no need to take time off work to make it to your GP’s surgery. Whether it’s thread veins, skin tags, warts or milia, don’t feel embarrassed – we’ve seen everything before (and have had quite a few of them ourselves, too!). So pop in and talk to us!

A fully-qualified team

We at Beauté take pride in our qualified, fully trained staff, who can offer you top of the range advice and treatments all from the comfort of our relaxing, elegant treatment rooms. While GPs have stopped offering a number of treatments for issues such as thread veins, age spots, warts and verrucae on the NHS, we can help you privately – and at prices that may surprise you.


Our top five fixes:

We offer a wide range of procedures. Here are our most popular, but please ask our team for more information and for the full range for services available.

  1. Thread Veins

Thread veins (Telangiectasia) are small dilated blood vessels on the surface of the skin. They case no harm, but are visible as thin red lines across areas of the skin. Causes of thread veins can include sun and U.V damage, age, pregnancy, injury, exposure to harsh weather, hormone changes, hereditary links and skin fragility. Our treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive, using a small probe as thick as an eyelash that discharges a short burst of energy to cauterise the blood vessel, which then dries up and disappears. Some thread veins my need more than one treatment to remove them completely.

     2. Age Spot/Sun Spots

These are small, darker patches on your skin that can vary in size. Sometime referred to as ‘Liver spots’, they increase with age, but younger people can get them too, especially if they spend more time tanning. These are commonly found on hands, face, arms and shoulders, the areas of skin most likely to be exposed to the sun. Age spots are harmless but can be reduced or removed using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (A.C.P) or our Variable Pulsed Light (V.P.L) method which is a type of laser.

     3. Skin Tags

These are often worsened by friction and are found in areas where clothing rubs, such as underarms, groin, around breasts, or around the neck, where necklaces and collars irritate the skin. They are viral in nature and whilst not infectious, they do seem to spread on certain individuals. They appear with a little stalk and vary in size from a tiny speck, to a grain of rice, although some can grow to the size of a pea or even larger. But don’t worry: they can be easily removed. Treatment varies depending on the location of the skin tag, but the removal is permanent, although your skin can grow new tags in time.

    4. Common Warts and Verrucas

There are many types of warts and verrucas that can be successfully treated using A.C.P electrolysis. These types of warts can develop individually or can spread into clusters. They are highly contagious. Our treatment tends to be more effective than many of the topical products sold over the counter at pharmacies.

     5. Milia

These are small, white spots that usually appear around the eyes, cheeks and the eyelids and are simply a blocked pore, filled with a protein called keratin which hardens. The exact cause of Milia is unknown, but they are often associated with dry and/or dehydrated skin, a high cholesterol diet and using products on the face that are too rich or acidic. Milia can be effectively removed by electrolysis.  We strongly recommend you seek professional treatment by qualified staff as picking Milia can make the problem worse, sometimes causing scarring and infection.  

Comfort and discretion

Our salon offers a discreet service, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Our qualified staff are used to carrying out these procedures in a salon environment. We want you to feel relaxed, which is why we complement your sensory experience with soothing essential oils and calming music in our warm and comforting treatment rooms. We offer a range of appointment times so suit your schedule.



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