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Embracing Maturity

Women on TV and in film seem forbidden to age, with the exception of a few national treasures, such the incredible Dames, Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, and the occasional interesting role for actresses aged over 40. But, as I’m reminded daily in my salon, beauty knows no age. As an
over-40 myself,  I’m determined to embrace the ways in which my own body is changing – and to help my salon clients celebrate the benefits of maturity and make the most of their assets, too .

Let the grey shine through

Men look distinguished as their hair flecks with salt and pepper shades, so who said women can’t look good grey too? I’ve  decided to embrace my emerging new colour, and entrusted my locks to the care of the team at local salon 21, where they lightened my natural brunette tresses to blend my grey roots into the rest of my re-styled choppy bob, using Olaplex to strengthen and protect my hair. The transformation has made a feature of my grey hair growth and put me back in control of my new style. The aim eventually is to go grey all over, but I wanted a whole new look now, not a patchy colour mis-match and this interim look is great for me. Plus I’ve had so many compliments - always a real confidence boost!  


Switch up the skin care

I always tailor treatments to suit each individual client, but something that always goes down a treat with mature skin in my experience is a weekly RF8 Facial. Its three-pronged approach tightens the skin using Radio Frequency, utilises lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and LED light to promote collagen and elastin production, which tends to decline with age. I also love the Arbonne RE9 V-lift Gel which visibly smoothes and tightens the skin.


No compromise on style

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to shy away from make-up experimentation – you just have to choose your products more carefully. I know I tend to shy away from shimmering eye shadows fearing it will highlight creases in my lids, but the secret to adding a little oh-so-flattering sparkle lies in the formulation you go for. I am a big fan of Eyeshine from Canadian make-up artist (and fabulous older woman!) Ariane Poole. It’s a quick drying liquid eyeshadow with an anti-crease formula that makes the eyes look fabulous on women of any age – and the primer within the formula prevents creasing. Crystal Taupe is the range’s best-selling colour – not surprising, as it really does suit everyone - but there are eight shades to choose from to flatter each and every skin tone. They’re fantastic value for money as they last and last, even when used every single day!


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